About Us

Meet Brahma

At Brahma we believe every man and woman deserves a safe, sensual and satisfactory sex life.

We researched some euphemisms surrounding one of the world’s most entertaining activities. Here were some of our favorites:

  1. Afternoon Delight
  2. Bouncy Bouncy
  3. Bumping Uglies
  4. Bam-Bam in the Ham (not even kidding, this is real)

Now despite having a lot of these at our disposal, nothing really gets our gears turning more than “Buck Like a Bull.”

Why the Bull? Power. Energy. Intensity. Strength. If you’ve ever seen a bull-fight, you know what we mean. It’s a hot-blooded, edge-of-your-seat event, and SO intense that you don’t know whether you want it to end or go on forever.

Brahma is designed to bring that same intensity back into the bedroom, with products that introduce a level of vigor and arousal back into your sex life that’s unmatchable by our competitors.  

How do we do it? Brahma’s line of enhancement products for men and women, ranging from pills to drinkable shots, combine a proprietary blend of natural ingredients (including goji extract, panax ginseng, cinnamon bark and more) to get you hot, heavy, and ready for the rodeo - if you catch our drift. 

With Brahma, the only thing that’ll be hard during sex is YOU. Buck Like a Bull with Brahma!

An American Brand

Brahma and RingMaster are two of several sexual wellness brands under the Metro Family of brands which was started over 50 years ago and has remained in Rhode Island, USA ever since.